My name is Greg Hluska (I pronounce it huh-luska) and I am a full stack digital marketer, an entrepreneur and an activist from Regina, Canada. A graduate of the University of Regina’s School of Business, I have several years of experience founding companies (funded and bootstrapped), running marketing campaigns, doing sales, and building things for the web. Accounting was my initial love so all of my businesses are built around solid accounting principles and a razor sharp focus on cost.

What is a full stack digital marketer?

I am comfortable working throughout the entire digital stack. I can:

  • Build a custom content management system (CMS) or more complex custom applications. However, I prefer sending custom development offshore and managing the project.
  • Deploy major open source content management systems and build custom themes or plugins. I have the most experience with Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla and Magento.
  • Set up online payments with a particular emphasis on security and the payment card industry’s data security standards (PCI-DSS).
  • Fill apps/websites with content, including technical support for users.
  • Promote apps/websites with a variety of on and off-line tools.
  • Analyze traffic with a variety of tools and use this analysis to determine which marketing channels provide the highest return on investment.
  • Collect and analyze usability metrics to make sure that customers get progressively happier as a business scales.
  • Relentlessly chase higher returns on investment.

My experience as an entrepreneur and working with early stage technology companies has helped season me as a manager, trained me to manage my team through highly ambiguous projects, and taught me to get more done with minuscule budgets. Entrepreneurship has also significantly changed my views about marketing. Consequently, I am a little more product obsessed than most other marketers. My obsession with product has lead me to focus on usability and reliability over raw technical brilliance. It has also lead me to consider functions like technical support, quality assurance (especially pre-release), and user experience as marketing functions.

Working for myself and other entrepreneurs has also made me rather obsessive about revenue. Years of making cold calls and closing inbound leads has turned me into a pretty decent salesperson and I am particularly good at taking a new product, earning it its first 50 users, and using their insights to chase a true product-market fit.

Hobbies and other stuff

An absolutely avid music fan, I am almost always listening to music. Sometimes when I listen to music, I get a little carried away and sometimes co-workers make fun of me for keeping the beat to whatever I’m listening to. I think there are amazing artists in every genre, so I can’t list favourite genres. But, some of my favourite artists include Joy Division, Bad Religion, NOFX, Pennywise, the Wu Tang Clan, the Beastie Boys, New Order, Shirley Bassey, Led Zeppelin, Kansas, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, CSNY, the Band, and Johnny Cash.

When it is warm outside, I like camping, rock climbing, and hiking. I keep thinking that I will get into mountaineering as I can’t shake the dream of climbing Denali. When it is cold outside, I like cross country skiing, ice climbing and sitting at home listening to music on vinyl.

I have been involved in anti-poverty since I watched my Mom start a food hamper program and later an entire food bank. For the past decade, my work in anti-poverty has been mostly entrepreneurial in nature - I argue that everyone has talent and anti-poverty should be about connecting these talents to economic opportunities. My work with the Regina Streets Magazine was a reflection of this philosophy and as a result, I received an award for my contributions to progressive politics.

All content, images and underlying code (including the template) is licensed under a http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/. Under this license, you are free to:

  • Share - copy and redistribute the materials in any format or medium
  • Adapt - remix, transform, or otherwise build upon the material

for any purpose, including commercially.

The only term attached is attribution, meaning you must provide appropriate credit, link to the CC by 4.0 license, and explain any changes that you have made.

To make it easier for you to share or adapt this work, it is all kept in a public Github repository. There is all kinds of documentation out there about using Github - feel free to either copy, or fork this project as desired.

Generally, I will state any biases or conflicts that I have in the preamble to each blog post and as a general rule I will err on the side of overstating potential conflicts. In the event that I omit a conflict, the chances are that I have either forgotten, or decided that I am not conflicted. If you disagree, let me know in the comments.


When you visit my website, you leave all sorts of data about yourself and your usage of this site. Personally, I will only use this data to make my website better and focus on writing the types of content that people will find useful. I will never sell your data to anyone and will only share it if presented with a court order. I would like to be able to promise to vehemently fight any court order, but I don’t have nearly enough money so I can’t. In good news, I am relatively obscure and I write about fairly innocuous topics, so it likely won’t come up.

Unfortunately, I use services provided by other people and I don’t have enough money to control what they will do with your data. For example, I currently have Google Analytics installed on my website and while I think that Google’s current privacy policy is adequate, I have no control over what they will do with your data in the future.

My website is currently hosted on Github, so they will have access to your website traffic as well. I’m not very important so the odds of Github actually doing a deep dive on my traffic are negligible. However, I don’t have nearly enough money to have any influence over Github and so while I currently trust their privacy policy, I have absolutely no insight or control over what they will do with your data in the future.

If your privacy is important to you, I suggest that you look into [the Tor Project] (https://www.torproject.org/ “The Tor project”).